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    Aston Martin DB4 Zagato Recreation based on an origional DB4 donor car. This stunning car is now ready to be painted and can be finished to your specification within a year, as everything has already been dry fitted. Can be completed as a road car or FIA race car as it will get HTP papers.



    General Construction details

    Body & Chassis
    The car is fully stripped of all components, back to bare metal body shell. The new body has been mounted and has has components dry fitted in preperation for painting.

    The car is ready to be painted in the colour of your choice, in latest, high specification, Two-Pack paints, using double-block hand flattening process. The bodyshell is acid-treated then oven dried and etch primed. High-build primers in between block flattening are used to achieve the ultimate flatness. Full detailing is given to all panel edges and shut areas. Final colour is trapped in several coats of high quality two pack lacquer and hand flatted and polished.

    Interior & Trim

    The interior is re-trimmed in a colour of your choice using best quality leather and carpets. Dashboard stripped and restored to original specification. Body fittings renewed and restored to the highest standards.
    The car will be reassembled using all new seals and trims. All chrome work will be refurbished, all plated items re-plated to original specification.
    Seat choice to be discussed, high level soundproofing and insulation will be fitted.
    New front windscreen, glass/perspex all round and new finishers.

    The engine has been stripped and fully rebuilt to 4.2 litre specification using new pistons and new liners. The twin plug cylinder head has been built to accept the use of un-leaded fuel. All ancillary components will be fully overhauled or replaced as required and finished in original specification paints or plating as appropriate.

    The carburettors and air box have been fully overhauled. All under-bonnet components are renewed as required. Engine test run on our new Dynamometer before refitting to car. A full new stainless steel exhaust system will be fitted.

    The gearbox is a 4 speed manual to origional specification with overdrive.

    Suspension & Steering
    Fully overhauled suspension and steering components including sand blasting and bead blasting of all components and refinishing in primer and 2K black enamel.

    Careful inspection of all moving / wearing components has been carried out, and all bushings etc. renewed throughout. The steering rack will be fully overhauled and re-fitted with new mountings and ball joints. Rear shock absorbers modified to up-right dampers. New wheels and tyres are to be fitted to the car. Full specification to be discussed depending on customer preference.

    Braking System
    The braking system is fully stripped and being rebuilt using new calipers. All pipe work renewed throughout in Kunifer with brass fittings and with new flexible hoses.


    Electrical system to have full new wiring harness, with all ancillaries renewed or rebuilt with a high output alternator, hi-speed starter, halogen head lights and electric windows if feasible.

    Testing and Delivery
    Car is fully road tested and inspected to iron out any teething problems.

    Please contact us to discuss your personal requirements or for further information regarding the commissioning of a Goldsmith and Young re-creation.

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